Steps to a Debt-free Future

Want to be debt-free? Follow three simple steps and secure yourself a better future:

Fill Out A Form

Fill out the quick, simple form available on this page. It will help us see whether you qualify for an IVA (Individual Voluntary Agreement).

Free Consultation

Now just wait for a call from us. An experienced and courteous debt advisor will contact you and inform you of all the options available for your situation. This no-obligation consultation is free and fully confidential. You can share your problems, let us know your monthly income, tell us what you can afford, and discuss solutions. We are here to listen and to help.

Debts Written Off

Once you choose a suitable option, you’ll have your debts converted to fixed monthly payments for a short period of time, with up to 80% of debts written off and interests frozen.


How does IVA help you?

Still not sure if IVA is the solution to your most of your struggles? Once your IVA is approved, it benefits you will a bundle of perks. Here are only some of the benefits you get with an IVA:


Lower Debts

Your debts worth thousands of pounds are written off.

Debts Will Not Increase

Since all the interests and charges on your debts are frozen,

Stress-free Repayments

No more collection calls, or emails from your creditors.

Protection From Threats

Your creditors cannot make any threats or take legal action

Affordable Monthly Repayments

The remaining debt, after a greater portion is written off,

Fixed Period

Unlike unsecured debts to which interests keep adding on

What debts are included?

We handle a range of debts through our consultation and solutions. We understand that individuals can be struggling with a bunch of different kinds of debts at a time. Once you decide that you want to go with an IVA, consider this an end to your struggles. If any of theses debts sound familiar, an IVA might be the perfect solution for you:

  • Credit cards
  • Personal loans
  • Payday loans
  • Business debts
  • Council tax arrears
  • Store cards
  • Property rent arrears
  • Overdrafts

Stages Involved In An IVA

Once you qualify for an IVA and we have agreed upon a repayment solution after your consent, we will start working on your IVA. Although the work will be done at our end, you should be aware of all the stages involved in the process.

Proposal Is Prepared

As the initial stage of an IVA, a proposal will be generated for your creditors. This proposal will include …

Vote Of The Creditors

The proposal will then be subject to the vote of all your creditors. It is not required that each and every one of the …..

Terms Are Binding

Once an IVA is accepted, not only the creditors are bound by the terms of the contract, but you as well.


During An IVA

Once your IVA is approved, you will enjoy the perks of stress-free repayments. Creditors aren’t allowed to trouble you with any phone calls or letters for repayments. They are not allowed to make threats of any legal action towards you during this period.


Debt Written Off

As long as you maintain the monthly repayments according to the terms of the IVA, any debt that remains at the end of the period will be written off.

Expenditure Check

Your expenditure, during this period, will be kept in check. You are advised not to live extravagantly; however the living standards need not be compromised either.


Please be aware that if you fail to comply with the terms of your IVA, you will be risking yourself of bankruptcy.